Workers’ Compensation

Florida Workers’ Compensation is an important program that protects employees and helps offset the financial stress that occurs when you lose pay due to an injury on the job or at your workplace. Unfortunately, actually getting approval and payment can be difficult for the injured worker. If you are in this position, Tampa Workers’ Compensation Attorney Richard W. Osborne can provide the legal assistance you need to obtain your benefits.

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With a few exceptions, workers in Florida are covered by a complex set of regulations by the state under Florida Workers’ Compensation law. Richard W. Osborne, P.A., is an experienced Tampa, FL, attorney who is familiar with the extensive rules of this program. The complexity of the program is exactly why you need his help to obtain your benefits as quickly as possible. If you make any mistakes in reporting your injury or filing for benefits, you may be denied or have those payments delayed unnecessarily.

Although employers post these rules in the workplace, applying for and obtaining the benefits can be frustrating and confusing to the injured worker. Their claim may also be hindered by the extent of the injury, if the victim is so injured that they are unable to try to make their own claim. Many things can then interfere with applications, so it is best for you or a family member to contact Attorney Osborne immediately about your work-related injury.

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Each state has different rules for their Workers’ Compensation programs; in Florida, your best interest is served by getting legal advice from a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney who understands the complex rules of this state. Nothing is more stressful than losing income while you are disabled due to an injury. The Workers’ Compensation program helps injured workers stay afloat financially. Attorney Richard Osborne can help you with many protective government programs, including: Workers’ Compensation, Longshore, Defense Base Act, and Social Security Disability.

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Under Florida Workers’ Compensation law, employees or others who are hurt while on the job must meet specific qualifications to obtain this benefit. For example, there are time limits for reporting your injuries to your employer. Even if an injury appears to be minor, this is important to do, because often a seemingly minor injury can worsen over time. If you have not reported the injury within time limitations, you may be ineligible for benefits.

Attorney Richard Osborne has represented the injured or disabled since 1981 and Mr. Osborne has been board certified in the area of workers compensation since 1990.  Get advice from experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney Richard W. Osborne, in Tampa, FL. Call him now, at (813) 286-7788.