Social Security Disability

In the United States, we have the right to work, but what happens when injuries or disabilities prevent someone from pursuing that right? When someone has been injured or is disabled and can no longer continue gainful employment, they may have the right to receive Social Security disability payments.

Yet the government is not always in a hurry to offer this benefit, and a large number of claims are denied initially, requiring applicants to attend a hearing. If you are unable to work, but having trouble getting Social Security disability payments, then it’s time to talk to a Tampa Workers’ compensation attorney, such as Richard W. Osborne, P.A.

A Tampa Workers’ Compensation Attorney Helps Develop a Disability Case

The key to having your Social Security disability claim approved is preparing a proper disability case for your hearing. This is where Attorney Richard Osborne can help. With a high level of familiarity with the local courts, knowledge of Social Security rules and an in-depth understanding of how injuries affect your ability to work, Richard W. Osborne, P.A., will help you build a solid case to show that you deserve the Social Security disability coverage you have earned. This knowledge helps protect you by avoiding needless rejection of your application for Social Security due to technicalities or poorly completed forms.

As a Tampa Workers’ Compensation Attorney, Richard Osborne is only paid if you have a positive response to your claim. By working on contingency, he ensures that you are not spending any of your hard-earned money, which you will need in the coming months, without a positive response.

Improve Your Chances of a Successful Application with the Right Legal Help

Without the services of Attorney Richard Osborne, you can still apply for Social Security, but your chances of denial are much higher. While it is possible for someone not represented by an attorney to win a disability claim, the odds are quite slim. Is this a risk you are willing to take, when your future livelihood is at risk?

Don’t put your future financial stability at risk without the proper legal help. Richard W. Osborne, P.A., your Tampa Worker’s Compensation Attorney, is ready to assist you. From filing out the application for Social Security benefits to attending the hearing with you, he will serve as your advocate throughout the process, improving your chances of approval and the chance to live life free from financial worries after an injury or disability. Contact him today.