Personal Injury

Thousands of people are injured every year in Personal Injury accidents that are primarily caused by the negligent actions of another person or company. When you or a loved one are injured or become disabled because someone else was careless, did not follow traffic laws or some person or company was negligent in their behavior, and you suffered bodily injuries as a result, you have legal options to consider for finding justice.

Law Firm of Richard W. Osborne, P.A.

At the Law Firm of Richard W. Osborne, P.A., in Tampa, FL, we help people win settlement negotiations and court awards to gain fair monetary compensation for their accident-related expenses and other claims. We have been representing the injured or disabled since 1981; we will work tirelessly to help you find justice.

Attorney Richard W. Osborne

Helping others win fair compensation for Personal Injury accidents and claims for Workers Compensation is the main area of legal work provided by Attorney Richard W. Osborne at his Tampa, FL, law office. He has been licensed to practice law in Florida since 1981, following completion of his Juris Doctor Law Degree at the Stetson University College of Law. Attorney Osborne uses his excellent knowledge and skills to win cases for his clients who need his help to reach their goals and find fairness within the Florida legal system.

Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

Fighting diligently for those who are denied justice is the driving force behind the work of Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Richard W. Osborne. His has extensive experience representing people who are injured and disabled, and helping them win complex Personal lnjury cases and other claims resulting from accidental injuries or claims denials.

Typical Claims include:

  • Medical Care, Hospital, Surgical, Rehabilitation Expenses
  • Work Loss – Present & Future Income, Retraining
  • Disability – Temporary/Permanent
  • Wrongful Death – Survivor Claims
  • Funeral & Burial Expenses

Attorney Richard Osborne has helped workers who were injured in Longshore or Shipyard operations and civilian contractors who received injuries at U.S. bases around the world. Other clients turned to him for legal assistance and representation to overturn or win Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability claims. If you are injured and incapable of continued employment due to those injuries or disability from your accident, these important benefits will help you survive financially.

If you have concerns or legal problems obtaining the benefits you should be entitled to, or you want to discuss your Personal Injury case, it is time to act. To learn more, contact the Law Firm of Richard W. Osborne, P.A., in Tampa, FL. Call us now, at (813) 286-7788.