Longshore and Defense Base Act

Maritime employees based abroad work hard to ensure the continued safety of their loved ones at home. Unfortunately, this hard work is sometimes rewarded with nothing but workplace injuries and sometimes, insufficient compensation to cover the resulting medical bills. In such cases, it is in an employee’s best interest to seek the assistance of a workers’ compensation attorney such as Richard W. Osborne.

The Defense Base Act And Workers’ Compensation

The concept of workers’ compensation is by no means limited to those working for private sector companies based in the United States. Individuals employed at defense bases are also eligible for workers’ compensation, even if they are working overseas. These maritime professionals may be employed as mechanics, longshoremen, dock workers, but no matter the nature of their positions, they must receive adequate compensation for their suffering if they are injured while on the job.

A variety of compensation benefits are covered under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, as well as the Defense Base Act. These include any hospital bills arising from workplace injuries, of course, but also the cost of long-term rehabilitation and ongoing care for disabilities arising from the job. If a maritime worker dies as a result of work-related injuries, his or her loved ones may be eligible for survivor’s benefits.

Maritime Workers And The Compensation Claims Process

The pursuit of compensation for workplace injuries can be incredibly complicated, particularly for anybody lacking the assistance of a trustworthy Tampa workers’ compensation attorney. It is important to notify employers of work-related injuries as quickly as possible. From there, the formal claim for benefits must be filed within a year of the injury or death’s occurrence. In most cases, the employee will be eligible for temporary benefits equal to roughly two-thirds of his or her normal weekly wage while still in the midst of medical treatment. Later, additional benefits may be awarded in order to cover the rest of the cost of care.

Attorney Richard Osborne: A Passionate Workers Compensation Attorney in Tampa

Attorney Richard Osborne understands exactly how hard maritime employees work and how vulnerable they are to injury. If injured on the job, these employees may suffer greatly for months, years or even decades. The last thing suffering workers need is to be denied compensation for the care they deserve. A Tampa workers’ compensation attorney such as Richard W. Osborne P.A. can make it easier to claim this compensation, thereby minimizing at least one source of suffering. His sense of passion, combined with his thorough understanding of workers’ compensation law, makes him the ideal legal resource for maritime workers in need of high-quality representation.