In this section attorney Richard Osborne will answer many frequently asked questions regarding workers compensation in Tampa and Florida.

Should I Get A Lawyer for Workers Comp?

Do I Have To Have Workers Compensation on Family Members?

Can a Business Self-insure for Workers Compensation?

How Do I Find the Approved Doctor List (ADL) for a Tampa or Florida Workers Compensation Claim?

What if I cannot Do My Job Because of Restrictions a Doctor Gave Me After I was Hurt On-the-Job?

What if an Injured Employee After Their Recovery is Unable to Return to Any Type of Work?

What if I Quit My Job While Receiving Workers Compensation Benefits?

What Should I Do if I am Injured On-the-Job in Florida?

Does Pursuing a Product Liability Case in Florida Limit My Ability to Receive Workers Compensation?

What Should I Do if I Feel My Florida Employer Has Workplace Hazards?

What Can I Do if My Employer and I Do Not Agree On My Workers Compensation Benefits?

An Employer Receives a Notice of Hearing on a Workers Comp Case for Someone They Never Heard of?

What Can I Do if My Employer Will Not Report My Work-Related Injury to Their Insurance Company?

How Do I Obtain Coverage for Workers Compensation in Tampa or Florida?

What Should a Worker Do if He or She Suspects That An Injury or Illness is Work Related?

How Do I get Proof of Coverage for a Tampa or Florida Workers Compensation Claim?

What if I am Fired While Receiving Workers Compensation Benefite in Tampa Florida?

What My Company Goes Out of Business While I am Receiving Workers Comp Benefits?

Should I Worry About Losing My Job After Filing A Workers Compensation Claim in Tampa or Florida?

What is The Difference in Types of Damages from Workers Comp Claim and a Third Party Claim?

What Can I Do If I Do Not Agree With the Doctor for The Workers Compensation Insurance?

Should An Injured Worker in Florida Apply for Group Health Insurance Benefits instead of Work Comp?

Where Can I Report an Employer for Not Carrying Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

If I Collect Workers Compensation Can I Still Sue Someone in Tampa or Florida for My Injuries?

What is The Most Important Thing I Should Know if I am Involved in A Workers Comp Claim?

When Do Wage Loss Payments Stop Under Workers’ Compensation In Florida?

What if I Cannot Afford a Workers Compensation Attorney In Tampa Florida?

If I Am Unable To Return To The Type Of Work I did Before I Was Injured On-the-Job – What Can I Do?

My Employer and Insurance Company Denied My Workers Compensation Claim – What Should I Do?

Should An Injured Worker in Tampa or Florida Apply for Unemployment Benefits?

What Benefits Are Typically Available Under Workers Compensation in Florida?

Does an Employer Have to Carry Workers Compensation Insurance in Tampa and Florida?